Dave Abercrombie — Resume

Dave Abercrombie
Cupertino, CA 95014


As an engineer with over 20 years experience, I've worked with many technologies covering imaging, compression, color, OCR, file exchange and standards, and system development. I've advanced technologies that produce a ten-fold reduction in file size. I've advanced OCR technology resulting in roughly 25% improvement in accuracy. And I've implemented advanced research ideas in image compression that led to multi-million dollar defense contracts. I seek challenges in image processing and algorithm development.

Electronics For Imaging 16 years and 3 months - 4/04 to present

Staff engineer for UPDL and Color teams.

Consulting — 1+ years - 12/02 to 4/04

Xerox & Scansoft — 7 years - 10/95 to 12/02 in Palo Alto, CA

I was a key contributor to several programs that brought MRC, JBIG2, and TIFF-FX into Xerox & Scansoft products. When folded together, these technologies produce files roughly ten times smaller in size compare to previous methods.
I worked on several projects including Pagis Pro, TextBridge, FlowPort II, and libraries reused across organizations. Details include:

Caere Corporation — 3 1/2 years - 1/92 to 10/95 in Los Gatos, CA

As an OCR expert, I helped create new and innovative ways to improve the OCR accuracy of the flagship product. While making improvements, I took the initiative to develop accuracy measurement tools. These tools helped identify inaccuracies reported by UNLV in their annual OCR accuracy contest, and have been the gauge for improvements made by other engineers.I estimate my contribution to improvments in OCR accuracy to affect approximately 25% fewer OCR errors overall. On recognition of fax characters, I was able to achieve an OCR accuracy gain from about 75% to about 90%.
My primary projects for OCR improvement were:

Sperry/Unisys/Paramax — 6+ years - 8/85 to 1/92 in Salt Lake City, UT

I was the primary developer for a small team in the Advanced Technology Department that researched data compression algorithms for image data. We led some of the more advanced methods of applying a technique called Vector Quantization for image compression, and brought our ideas to hardware prototypes, now key in bringing in awards on several multi-million dollar contracts.
My notable projects: I've held a Confidential security clearance.


I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, and emphasized signal processing, stochastic processes, and computer design. My Senior Thesis was titled Extension to the Human Visual Model.

I have worked with: Windows, Linux, UNIX, C, C++, CSH, Perl, PHP, Python, Apple Basic, FORTRAN, assembly, etc. I spend personal time on home improvement projects, badminton, volleyball and my family. See expanded details of my work at http://dave.aber.us/jobhistory.