Dave Abercrombie

Dave Abercrombie


Résumé in HTML. Note that this page is a detailed description of the work I've done. My resume is more of an executive summary.

Electronics For Imaging

From 4/04 to present I've been at Electronics For Imaging as a Staff Software Engineer in the Variable Data Printing Group.


Panorama Image Stitching

For ImageDock, I've developed a tool to combine several photos into a single image, automatically finding: skew angle, lens distortion correction, distance warping, photo layout (both 1D and 2D sequences), stitch position, light adjustment, and smooth blending.

Web Administration and Design

For over four years I've maintained a web server at home, which now hosts twelve domains for myself, family and friends. I've written various tools and components in Perl, PHP, and even tinkered a bit with Python. Administration tends to become a time consuming hobby, especially when it comes to dealing with spam. I've added to several tools which help nearly eliminate the amount of spam delivered.

Xerox & Scansoft

From 10/95 to 12/02 I worked for Xerox and Scansoft (at the time a subsidiary of Xerox), developing image processing libraries to manipulate electronic documents (TIFF, TIFF-FX, PDF, etc).

Xerox and Scansoft

I worked with several teams to help bring two technologies forward: In support of these two technologies, I have worked on several components and libraries to make it all happen:


For the first three years, I worked with the image library team at Scansoft West in Palo Alto, developing various components for the flagship products:


For the past four years, I helped bring MRC and JBIG2 forward into standards, and implemented libraries and components to make these two technologies available across the entire corporation.

Thoughtform Corporation

Thoughtform Corporation develops software for translating multi-channel brainwave patterns into mind states or thought identifications. The key to this process is a new technology developed by Thoughtform, which will allow computers to process brainwave into more useable information. I've been helping out with some of the software development since company inception.

Caere Corporation

From 1/92 to 10/95 I was an optical character recognition (OCR) expert for Caere Corporation (now owned by Nuance).
My contributions include:

Sperry/Unisys/Paramax (later Loral, Lockheed, and now L-3)

From 8/85 to 1/92 I worked in the Advanced Technology group at what started as Sperry Corporation, and became Unisys Corporation. Later my division was spun out as a subsidiary of Unisys named Paramax, which was bought by Loral, then bought again by Lockheed, and eventually owned by a company called L-3 Communications.
The division has always been the Communications System Division, and has specifically been the satellite communications division.

Vector Quantization

The group of Advanced Technology I've worked in dealt with data compression, and we focused on a type of image compression known as vector quantization (VQ). We experimented with many different algorithms applied to VQ, including:

VQ Hardware

I was involved in the first three of four real-time video compression hardware projects:


I worked on many other small projects:
I held a confidential security clearance.


I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, and emphasized signal processing, stochastic processes, and computer design. My Senior Thesis was titled Extension to the Human Visual Model.

Tools etc.

I have worked with: Windows, Linux, UNIX, C, C++, CSH, Apple Basic, Perl, PHP, Python, FORTRAN, assembly, etc.


Badminton, volleyball, puzzles, home construction projects.